About us

The Company Philosophy


Managing Director, N R M Kebbell

Kebbell Homes was established over 60 years ago and continues to trade as a family business as one of the most respected and progressive new homes developers in the UK. Developments extend through and around London, the Home Counties, Hampshire and in North Yorkshire. The secret of its success lies within its passion to embrace good design and harmony with purchasers, business partners, suppliers and staff.

Company Aims

The company aims to create distinguished, architecturally handsome, beautifully designed and specified family homes in much coveted locations. Working with a team of architects, surveyors and technical advisors, Managing Director, Nicolas Kebbell personally oversees the design of each and every home that bears the family name. Understanding the relationship between the home and the way people live within it is given close consideration and is the key to successful design.

It is also of prime importance to Kebbell Homes that its developments augment and enhance the existing community and that they mature over time providing a source of pleasure and pride for residents.

The Future

The year 2017 and beyond heralds an exciting era for Kebbell Homes as it reveals a glittering array of sophisticated newly designed homes across all areas of operation; building on over six decades of experience and staying true to its founding principles, the company is poised to ensure its ideal of creating homes of Quality and Comfort is met in full.